Our Staff

Maria Boling- Owner and Founder, Pet Sitter

My first pet sitting job was in 1987 taking care of 11 Alaskan Malamutes for a family friend. Sixteen years later I started Happy at Home, my own in-home pet sitting business. With experience as a pet sitter and a veterinary receptionist, I have found that one of the most rewarding relationships is the one we have with our pets. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. These pets and others have given me experience with injections, IV fluids and oral medication.

I graduated from GHC in 1993. In addition, I am certified in Pet CPR and am an active member of Pet Sitters International. In addition to dogs and cats, I have been responsible for and cared for swans, hedgehogs, farm animals, exotic birds, turkeys, and miniature donkeys. I have owned and operated Happy at Home Pet Sitting since 2002. Happy at Home Pet Sitting is the first and original pet sitting company in Grays Harbor. –Maria Boling

Jan and Jim Richardson- Pet Sitters

Jan and Jim are Happy at Home’s husband and wife team! I have known Jan Richardson both professional and personally since 2001. She and I worked together at a local veterinarian clinic, and I have experienced first-hand how much she loves and cares for animals. Having worked in an animal hospital for over 8 years, Jan brings a wealth of animal care expertise. She is familiar with medications and animal healthcare.

Jim gives dogs a good work-out on outdoor adventures with “Dog Club” and assists with dog walks and pet sitting. Jan and Jim really enjoy the outdoors, so playing with the dogs and giving them good workouts and walks is very enjoyable for them! They have 2 dogs of their own that love to run, play and hike. In addition they have 3 cats. Jan is my right-hand and is involved with the in-home overnight stays as well as the pet sitting service. –Maria Boling

Kathryn (Kat) Kalenius- Pet Sitter

Finally!!—I have been wanting to hire Kathryn for 4 years and now she is a pet sitter for us! Kathryn was raised with dogs and cats that were always considered family members. As a child she brought animals home and then found them good homes (including her own). As an adult, Kathryn bought a house and put herself on a budget, limiting her animals. However, once she moved in a cat and 2 dogs found her. Tigger, Shooter, and Mittens are her children, and she says, “They eat better than me!” In addition to pet sitting, Kathryn works at a local family owned jewelry store in Aberdeen. Kathryn will be helping out with all aspects of pet sitting. –Maria Boling